Tungavidya is the fifth of the varistha gopis. Her complexion is the color of kunkuma and the fragrance of her body is like sandalwood mixed with camphor. She is fifteen days younger than Srimati Radharani.

Tungavidya is hot-tempered and expert at dissimulation. She wears white garments. Her parents are Puskara and Medha-devi and her husband is Balisa.

Tungavidya is one of the leaders of the gopis. She is learned in the eighteen branches of knowledge.

She has full faith in Krsna. She is very expert at arranging the meeting of the divine couple. She is learned in rasa-sastra (transcendental mellows), niti-sastra (morality), dancing, drama, literature and all other arts and sciences.

She is a celebrated music teacher expert at playing the vina and singing in the style known as marga.

Eight gopi messengers headed by Manjumedha-devi are especially expect at arranging political alliances (sandhi) the first of diplomatic maneuvers in the art of politics between Radha and Krsna.

These gopis are the best of dancers. They are musicians expert at playing the mrdanga and singing in recital halls.

These gopis are especially engaged in fetching water from the streams in Vrndavana. Tungavidya is the leader of these gopis. (SSRKGD)

On the western petal of Madana-sukhada Kunja lies the extremely beautiful crimson-colored Tungavidyanandada Kunja, where Sri Tungavidya Sakhi always resides. She loves Sri Krsna very much and, filled with eagerness for that prema, she exhibits the bhava known as vipralabdhatva. Her complexion is radiant like saffron mixed with camphor and sandalwood paste, and her dress is pandu-mandana (pale yellow). Her mood is daksina-prakhara. Her motherís name is Medha, her fatherís Puskara, and her husbandís Balisa. She is very devoted to her seva of dancing and singing, etc. Her home is in Yavata, and her age is 14 years, 2 months and 22 days. In gaura-lila she appears as Sri Vakresvara Pandita.

Some of the sakhis in Tungavidyaís yutha are Manjumedha, Sumadhura, Sumadhya, Madhureksana, Tanu madhya, Madhusyanda, Gunacuda and Varangada. (SGGSP)


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