Social classes residing in Vrindavana

The Protectors of Domestic Animals

The Vaisyas

For the most part the most important vaisyas earn their livelihood by protecting cows. Some of the vaisyas are born from lower-caste mothers and they are known as abhiras. (SSRKGD)

The Abhiras

The abhiras are those who have vaisya fathers and sudra mothers. A little inferior to the vaisyas, who are engaged in cow protection, the abhiras earn their livelihood by protecting buffalo. They are known by various names, such as ghosa. (SSRKGD)

The Garjaras

A little inferior to the abhiras, the garjaras earn their livelihood by protecting goats and similar animals. Their bodily features are a little chubby and they reside on the outskirts of Vraja. (SSRKGD)

The Brahmanas

Learned in all the Vedas, the brahmanas engage in performing sacrifices, worshiping the Deity and other brahminical occupations.

Two groups of brahmanas reside in Gokula: those maintained by Nanda Maharaja and those who are priests engaged in the performance of Vedic sacrifices. Among the priests, Vedagarbha, Mahayajva and Bhaguri are prominent. Their respective wives are Samadheni, Mahakavya and Vedika.

Sulabha, Gautami, Gargi, Candila, Kubjika, Vamani, Svaha, Sulata, Sandili, Svadha and Bhargavi are the most important of the brahmana ladies respectfully worshiped by the residents of Vraja. (SSRKGD)


The Bahisthas

The bahisthas earn their livelihood by engaging in various trades and crafts. (SSRKGD)


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