Maharaj Vrsabhanu's maternal cousin Payonidhi had a son but no daughter. His wife Mitra-devi desired to have a daughter also and to achieve this end she faithfully worshiped the sun-god, Vivasvan. By Vivasvan's mercy she gave birth to a daughter who was named Ratnalekha.

Ratnalekha's complexion is the red color of the mineral manahsila and her garments appear like a beautiful swarm of bumblebees. She is very dear to Srimati Radharani, the daughter of Maharaja Vrsabhanu. Her mother engages both her and her friend Radharani in the devoted attentive worship of the sun-god. When Ratnalekha sees Lord Madhava, her eyes begin to roll in ferocious anger and she severly rebukes Him. (SSRKGD)


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