Lalita is famous as Srimati Radharani's constant companion and follower. Lalita is contrary and hot-tempered by nature. Her complexion is like the yellow pigment gorocana and her garments are like peacock feathers.

Her mother is Saradi-devi and her father is Visoka. Her husband is named Bhairava. He is a close friend of Govardhana-gopa.

Among these most exalted gopis who are most dear to Krsna, the leader and controller is Lalita-devi.

Lalita-devi is full of ecstatic love for the divine couple. She is expert at arranging both Their meeting and Their conjugal struggle. Sometimes, for Radha's sake, she offends Lord Madhava.

The beauty of all the other gopis appears to be conserved in the form of Lalita-devi. In an argument her mouth becomes bent with ferocious anger and she expertly speaks the most outrageous and arrogant replies.

When the arrogant gopis pick a quarrel with Krsna, she is in the forefront of the conflict. When Radha and Krsna meet, she audaciously remains standing a little away from them.

With the help of Purnamasi-devi and the other gopis she arranges for the meeting of Radha and Krsna. She carries the parasol for the divine couple, she decorates Them with flowers and she decorates the cottage where They rest at night and rise in the morning. (SSRKGD)

On the northern petal of Ananga-sukhada Kunja, there is a beautiful kunja covered with various kinds of flowers and trees. This place is known as Lalitanandada Kunja and is the color of lightning. The lovely Lalita Sakhi always lives here. She has a beautiful bright yellow (gorocana) complexion and wears a dress the color of peacock feathers. She is adorned with celestial ornaments and personifies the type of bhava known as khandita. She and Sri Krsna are very, very dear to each other and her seva is to bring camphor and tambula to Him. Her age is 14 years, 8 months and 27 days. In the opinion of the panditas, her fatherís name is Visokaka, her motherís Sarada, and her husbandís Bhairava Gopa. Her home is in Yavata and her nature is vama-prakhara. In gaura-lila, she has assumed the form of Sri Svarupa Damodara Gosvami.

The chief sakhis in Lalitaís group are Ratnarekha (or Ratnaprabha), Ratikala, Subhadra, Candrarekhika (or Bhadrarekhika), Sumukhi, Dhanistha, Kalahamsi and Kalapini. (SGGSP)


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