(Govinda, Gopala, Madhava, Damodara)

KrishnaAs Lord Krsna states in the Bhagavad-gita, He is the best friend of all living entities. Suhrdam sarva-bhutanam. No one can be a
greater well-wishing friend to any living entity than the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is so kindly disposed towards everyone that in spite of our completely forgetting our relationship with the Supreme Lord, He comes Himself--sometimes personally, as Lord Krsna appeared on this earth, and sometimes as His devotee, as did Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu--and sometimes He sends His bona fide devotees to reclaim all the fallen souls. (SB 3.15.31p)

Sri Krsna's form glistens with the black mascara of the sweetness of His nectarean handsomeness. His complexion is the color of a blue lotus flower or a sapphire.

His complexion is as enchanting as an emerald, a tamala tree, or a group of beautiful dark clouds. He is an ocean of nectarean handsomeness. He wears yellow garments and a garland of forest flowers. He is decorated with various jewels and He is a great reservoir of the nectar of many transcendental pastimes.

He has long, curling hair and He is anointed with many fragrant scents. His handsome crown is decorated with many different flowers. His handsome forehead is splendidly decorated with tilaka markings and curling locks of hair. The playful movements of His raised, dark eyebrows enchant the hearts of the gopis.

His rolling eyes are as splendid as red and blue lotus flowers. The tip of His nose is as handsome as the beak of Garuda, the king of birds. His charming ears and cheeks are decorated with earrings made of various jewels. His handsome lotus face is as splendid as millions of moons. He speaks many charming jokes and His chin is exquisitely handsome.

His handsome, smooth and charming neck bends in three places. Decorated with a necklace of pearls, the beauty of His neck enchants the residents of the three planetary systems. Decorated with a necklace of pearls and with the Kaustubha gem, which shines like lightning, Krsna's handsome chest longs to enjoy the company of the beautiful gopis.

Decorated with bracelets and armlets, Krsna's arms hang down to His knees. His reddish lotus hands are decorated with various auspicious signs. Krsna's hands are beautifully decorated with the auspicious signs of a club, conchshell, barleycorn, parasol, half-moon, rod for controlling elephants, flag, lotus flower, sacrificial post, plow, pitcher and fish.

Krsna's charming abdomen is the pastime abode of handsomeness. His nectarean back seems to long for the playful touch of the beautiful gopis. The nectarean lotus flower that is Lord Krsna's hips bewilders the demigod Cupid. Krsna's thighs are like two beautiful plantain trees that charm the hearts of all women.

Krsna's knees are very splendid, charming and handsome. His charming lotus feet are decorated with jeweled ankle-bells. Krsna's feet have the luster of roses, and they are decorated with various auspicious markings, such as the markings of the disc, half-moon, octagon, triangle, barleycorn, sky, parasol, waterpot, conchshell, cow's hoofprint, svastika, rod for controlling elephants, lotus flower, bow and jambu fruit. Krsna's handsome lotus feet are like two oceans filled with the happiness of pure love. His reddish toes are decorated with the row fo full moons that are His toenails.

Although we have sometimes compared Krsna's handsomeness to various things, nothing can actually be equal to it. In this place we have given a small indication of Krsna's handsomeness to arouse the attraction of the reader.

Krsna's associates may be divided into two groups : gopis and gopas. The gopis may be divided into three groups : 1. Gopi friends of the same age as Krsna, 2. maidservants and 3. gopi messengers. (SSRKGD)

The vraja-lila of Sri Krsna lasts up to the age of 10 years, 6 months, and 5 days. In Srimad-Bhagavatam it is said: "Along with Sri Baladeva, Sri Krsnacandra lived in Vraja up to the age of 11, all the while concealing His divine power."

Because of having too much fun being the vraja-raja-kumara, Krsna extended His lila in Vrndavana half again the number of years He already lived there (10 years, 6 months, 5 days), making His age 15 years, 9 months, 7 1/2 days. Sri Nandanandana eternally sports in Vraja (near the end of kaisoraís 16 years) as a kisora-gopa. The krsna-dhyana is as follows: In His hand He holds a flute (vamsi), He wears yellow clothing, is effulgent like a sapphire, and has the beautiful kaustubha jewel on His neck. The top of His head is adorned with a peacock feather, and jewelled and guŮjŚseed necklaces hang on His chest. A garland of forest flowers (such as malatÓ, mallika, jatÓ, yuthi, ketaki, campaka, nagakesara, etc.) hangs down to His lotus feet. He wears a gleaming gold ornament on His neck, and has a golden line of hair on the left side of His chest, along with the vaijayantÓ-mala. Dangling from His nose is a valuable pearl said to come from the head of an elephant. His ears are decorated with dolphin-shaped earrings, and He wears bangles on His hands. Tilaka made of kunkuma beautifies His forehead. He wears kinkini bells round His waist, with ankle bells on His lotus feet.

Then, when Krsna goes to herd the cows, He is decorated like this: On the left side of His abdomen, the lotus-eyed Sri Krsna has a buffalo horn stuck in His belt, and on His right side He has placed His jewelled murali flute. In His left hand He carries a straight wooden stick, and in His right He playfully twirls a yellow lotus. (SGGSP)


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