Hiranyangi's complexion is the color of gold and she appears to be a temple or palace in which all beauty is conserved. She was born from the womb of Harini-devi.

Mahavasu-gopa is pious, famous and devoted to performing Vedic sacrifices. He is decorated with wonderful good qualities and he is the close friend of Arkamitra.

Mahavasu-gopa desired to beget a powerful and heroic son and a beautiful daughter. To attain this end the self-controlled Mahavasu engaged Bhaguri Muni in performing a Vedic sacrifice. Certain nectarean foodstuffs appeared from that sacrifice and the delighted Mahavasu gave them to his wife, Sucandra-devi.

As Sucandra-devi was hastily eating the sacred foodstuff on her front porch, she spilled some of it. At that time the doe named Suranga, who was the mother of the doe named Rangini, was wandering in Vrajabhumi. Seeing Sucandra-devi spill some of the foodstuff, the doe Suranga quickly came forward and ate some of it. As a result of eating this sacred foodstuff, both the gopi Sucandra and the doe Suranga became pregnant.

Sucandra-devi gave birth to a son whom the gopas called Stokakrsna and the deer gave birth to the girl Hiranyangi in the village of Vraja.

Hiranyangi is very dear to Srimati Radharani and Srimati Radharani is very dear to her. Hiranyangi is dressed in beautiful garments that appear like a great multitude of unparalleled blossoming flowers.

With great respect the father Mahavasu then promised the exalted Hiranyangi in marriage to an elderly gopa who was completely unfit to become her husband. (SSRKGD)


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